Academy of Integrative Medicine
Exceptional Education in Natural Medicine
I look forward to each [Academy of Integrative Medicine] seminar. The instructors are the best in the country, but  most important they make themselves understood by their students. I always come away with a list of ideas and  information to implement in my consulting business first thing Monday morning.

Jo Ann Bjorkman
Phillips, NE

...The programs, the questionnaire's all work so well, I have  dozens of people on the programs after doing the questionnaire's and they are all improving. I cannot say enough about the program. The education has also been phenomenal, I have learned so much.

Carol McKenzie
Nature's Acres
York, NE

I want to thank the Academy of Integrative Medicine and Dr. Jack Hinze for helping me break out of the box and learn how to help people "get" healthier, not just treat the symptoms. The degree program finally provides organization to
further my education in complementary medicine.

My thought processes of symptoms and diseases will never be the same after starting the  degree program. I now have a better understanding how to use symptomology and the history of symptoms to help understand what the underlying problems are and how to help correct the imbalances.

Gary Kracoff
Johnson Drugs
Waltham, MA

"The Academy of Integrative Medicine has opened up a whole new dimension for me in not  only my practice but in how I now take care of myself and my wife. I have never been as excited about my future potential as I am now because of what The Academy of Integrative Medicine has to offer. I have already been able to make a huge difference in the lives of many of my patients because of already practicing what I have learned through The Academy of  Integrative Medicine . Just think of what is ahead of me as I continue the educational program in Natural Medicine. IT IS EXCITING!"

Take Care,
Jep Castleberry
Forsyth, Georgia

The education provided from the Academy of Integrative Medicine has been invaluable in my  understanding of how to help my patients achieve maximum health without gimmicks or short term fixes.

Bill Green, R.Ph.
Scotts, Michigan

Seminar Comments

"Best Nutritional Meeting I have seen."

Carie Boyd R.Ph.
Carie Boyd Prescription Shop
Hurst, TX

"I liked the focus on single topic: Thyroid, good to have more than one perspective."

Joe Brummer R.Ph.
Irwin Potter
Anthony, Kansas

"Very Enjoyable and informative."

Andy Naglak R.Ph.
Medicine Shoppe
Reading, PA

"This seminar was very informative, it was my first time attending and I've gained knowledge that was priceless.  The speakers were very helpful how they explained the topics they presented.  I'll look forward in the future on attending more workshops and taking one of the diploma courses."

Dave Horton
Student Nurse