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Symptom Solutions Health Analysis Questionnaire

The symptomology questionnaire is an evaluation tool completed by the patient and entered into the computer system. An analysis is made of symptoms both past and present. A report is generated showing what underlying system disturbances create these symptoms.

Symptoms express themselves in a variety of ways but may all stem from the same underlying source. For example, a person may come in with back pain and shin splints. By running a complete evaluation, you will also discover they experience swelling above the eyes and erratic blood pressure. When generated, the report will show the underlying cause of these symptoms is a weakness of the kidneys.

Evaluating the entire questionnaire will give the information to determine what underlying system is causing the symptoms and/or preventing healing.

To get started, you will need a Symptom Solutions Questionnaire (Cost $495). This analysis gives you insight to the underlying cause of disease and helps you to design a program appropriate for the individual. This will have a profound effect on the depth of cure you receive through your treatment.

*The Symptomology Scoring requires Microsoft Excel.

Cost:    $795.00 Questionnaire Program with Training DVDs (7)

           $150.00 Upgrade from Version 1.0

           $3.50 Each (Minimum of 10) Printed Questionnaires for Patient Completion

Homeopathic Constitution Questionnaire

The Homeopathic Constitution Questionnaire evaluates the common constitutional types and narrows your search to the top five or six scoring remedies. Most people will score highly in areas that have recent reflection including their base constitution. It is important to use your Materia Media in making a final determination.

This questionnaire is to be used as a learning tool. What this questionnaire will do is narrow the number of constitutional remedies to research in the materia medica, teach what questions to ask and why, teach the basic constitutional remedies and their relationship to various answers.

*The Homeopathic Constitution CD requires Microsoft Excel.

Cost: $199.00