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Serving Nutritionists
Nutritionists are well trained on matters of nutrition and it’s impact on health. AIM provides training services to broaden the Nutritionist’s reach through natural, drug-less and nonsurgical health care methods to promote the body’s ability to restore health. This information is useful for the busy Nutritionist who wants to expand their resources for client support. 

Grow your expertise and reputation through AIM.

AIM provides training to help Nutritionists to:
  • expand your range of care options 
  • offer a better and more complete customer/client experience
  • improve your reputation in the community
  • increase repeat and referral business
  • create unique, individualized and effective care add-ons
  • increase profitability through added sales

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this website and found in material and presentations provided by The Academy of Integrative Material are exclusively for educational purposes of licensed health care professionals. Each health care provider must know and follow the laws in their jurisdiction. No statements made by AIM regarding health care are universal, each practitioner is to treat each patient/client as an individual and use their expertise in making the best decisions for their care.

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