Lab Support
Academy of Integrative Medicine
Exceptional Education in Natural Medicine
The Academy of Integrative Medicine offers consultations to insure our practitioners have the support they need in providing consumer care. Consultations range in complexity and length. AIM chooses to work with the following lab companies to provide optimal results for your clients and practitioner support for you.

Diagnos-Techs Inc.
Diagnos-Techs, Inc. was the first laboratory in the United States to implement salivary based hormone assessment into routine clinical practice. Their tests have converted many physicians from preference of mass production panels to precision diagnosis of problems. These tests have become powerful tools in evaluating gastrointestinal problems, stress, hormone related diseases and overall wellness of the patient.

Great Plains Laboratory
The Great Plains Laboratory is the world leader in organic acid testing and evaluating abnormal levels of yeast and other components that cause symptoms of autism and many other diseases.
They offer many other varieties of metabolic tests, such as the deficiency of the immune system, urinary peptides, nutritional test and enviromental tests to name just a few.

If you have questions or need more information on these laboratories please call 866-308-9737 and ask for Cindy, Shona, Brad, Bev or Bill.