Diploma Programs
Academy of Integrative Medicine
Exceptional Education in Natural Medicine

Earn a diploma in Homeopathic Medicine or Hormone Analysis and Regulation through the Academy of Integrated Medicine and Westbrook University. These courses include video or DVD's, along with the printed presentations of training seminars and audio tapes or CD's of in depth studies on major remedies. The Academy of Integrative Medicine will support you through your studies and oversee testing.

Homeopathy Diploma Program
Homeopathy is pharmaceutical science that uses the body's natural ability to heal itself. Homeopathic medicines use very small doses of an active ingredient (plant, animal or mineral) to stimulate the body's natural defenses to heal. Homeopathy treats the whole person, rather than only the symptoms of the illness. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's natural mechanisms for combating disease. Through homeopathy, a more natural balance is produced so a health condition can be obtained.

Homeopathy is used around the world. It has been widely accepted throughout Europe, Great Britain, Australia, India, South America and the former USSR. In England, there are many exclusively homeopathic hospitals. In France, every pharmacy dispenses homeopathic medicines and nearly half of the family physicians practice homeopathic medicine. The safe and effective nature of homeopathic medicines has led many practitioners in the United States to study and implement homeopathy as a functional tool in their practice.

When you learn homeopathic medicine, you will discover a brand new approach to evaluating your patients. You will no longer see a symptom; you will see the whole person with a unique history, constitution and expressions. The homeopath takes an in-depth case history and becomes much more insightful about the case. This is obviously a benefit of any type of practitioner.

The Homeopathy Course Includes:
Audio CD's (12) containing discussion of over 50 remedies
DVD's (14) of a 3-day conference on homeopathic case taking
Tests (2)
Costs: $2,375.00
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Hormone Analysis and Regulation Diploma Program
Hormone regulation is imperative to good health. Hormonal imbalances in both men and women are involved in numerous health issues, including arthritis and joint pain, allergies, autoimmune disorders, infertility, depression, Alzheimer's, chronic fatigue and many other debilitating conditions.
Earn a credential, DHRT to signify to patients, clients and other health care professionals your proficiency in hormone regulation. The Hormone Analysis and Regulation Diploma program will give the practitioner an understanding of the underlying causes and corrections of hormone dysfunction and imbalance. Case studies with a mentor will help you apply what you have learned.

The Hormone Analysis and Regulation Diploma Program Includes:
The Function and Regulation of Hormones on health seminar DVD set (15) and course materials.
Mentoring as you follow a minimum of ten hormone cases for a period of one year.
Audio Tapes or audio CD's (3) of Q & A teleconferences with Dr. John "Jack" Hinze, N.M.D., Pharm.D.

Including lectures by:
Dr. John "Jack" Hinze, N.M.D., Pharm.D.
Naturopathic physician, pharmacist, educator, professor, nutrition counselor and homeopath. He is the founder of five companies in the natural health care field. Dr. Hinze has treated hundreds of patients, presented numerous educational programs to both professional and lay groups, and has formulated over 5,000 natural products.
Dr. Robert Rakowski, D.C., C.C.N., D.A.C.B.N., D.I.B.A.K.
Dr. Rakawski is the owner and clinic director of the Natural Medicine Center, in Houston, Texas. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Homeopath and Clinical Nutritionist. He has developed and taught over 2,000 hours to chiropractic doctors, students, medical doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and certified clinical nutritionists.
Dr. Rami Serhan, M.D., Medical Officer, Diagnos-Techs, Inc.
Dr. Serhan is a medical doctor with many years of professional consulting and hormone analysis experience. Diagnos-Techs was the first lab in the United States to implement salivary based hormone assessment into routine clinical practice, it is considered a world leader in the area of salivary hormone testing.
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Master-Herbalist Diploma Program
67 Credits
(Modules may be purchased individually, but must be secured in the order listed below. Any, module  may be returned for any reason, in
sound condition and without any lessons submitted,  for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.)

Module One: Western Herbalism
42 Semester Credits
750 pages of workbook text and audio on several CD's
Plus 215 page oversized textbook (300 Herbs)

This is a comprehensive program in Western clinical herbalism wherein the clinical uses of several hundred herbs are individually elaborated in great depth (both in the context of body-system pathology and by way of inclusion in the Western Materia Metica), formula strategies are discussed, herb-drug interactions are out-lined, and the physiology and pathophysiology of body systems are systematically detailed. In addition, this module includes extensive, separate sections on nutrition, botany, phytochemistry, holistic assessment (including laboratory analysis, iris-and-scleral interpretation, and the analytical techniques of Physio-medicalists and Ecletics of the nineteenth-century America), and the historical foundations of Western Herbalism (including detailed sections on Greco-Roman medicine, Native-American medicine, Physio-medicalism, and Eclecticism).

  • Part One: Foundations of Western Herbalism
  • Part Two: Botany, Nutrition, the Chemistry of Herbs & the Forms of Herbal Therapy
  • Part Three: Modern Western Herbalism
  • Part Four: Herb-Drug Interactions
  • Part Five: Case Analysis & Healing Strategies
  • Final Exam: (Proctored, Closed Book)

$1285.00 ($1260.00 Course Material plus $25.00 for the 300 Herbs textbook.)

Module Two: Asian (Chinese & Ayurvedic)
12 Semester Credits
148 Pages of Text
Prerequisite: Western Herbalism
This module covers about 150 different Chinese & Ayuredic herbs (those available on the Western market), dozens of formulas (those available on the Western market), and assessment techniques (pattern analysis, constitution, tongue, pulse, physiognomy).
Final Exam (Proctored, Closed-book)

Module Three: Integrative Herbalism
4 Semester Credits
48 Pages of Text
Prerequisite: Western Herbalism
This module combines Western Herbalism, TCM and Ayurveda into an integrated model of assessment and therapuetics.
Final Exam: (Proctored, Closed-book)

Module Four: Thesis
6 Credits
A 24-page, double-spaced thesis on an herbal-related topic of the student's choice is also required to obtain the Master-Herbalist Diploma.

Total cost of all above modules of the Master-Herbalism Program: $1920.00

Although 64 of the 67 credits necessary to obtain the Master-Herbalist diploma can be completed entirely by correspondence, as outlined above, the remaining three credits (=60 hours) need to be fulfilled via workshops. Said workshops can either be conducted by MWSHS (Midwestern School of Herbal Studies) or by other qualified presenters, with no specification on where they are held. Moreover, not only can they be obtained at any time from the date of entrance into the M.H. program, but even qualifying workshops taken up to five years prior to entrance into the M.H. program may be applicable. However, any and all workshops must be approved by MWSHS and spread out among several categories as outlined below:
  • (1) 1 Credit (20 Hours) Minimum and 2 Credits (40 Hours) Maximum for Holistic Assessment Skills, such as: muscle testing, iridology, scleral interpretation, tongue assessment, pulse assessment, physiognomy (face assessment), or other physical assessment.
  • (2) 1 Credit (20 Hours) Minimum and 2 Credits (40 Hours) Maximum for Wild-plant Walks conducted by an herbalist, naturopath, botanist or naturalist.
  • (3) No Minimum and 1 Credit (20 Hours) Maximum for miscellaneous workshops or talks attended that are strictly on Herbal Therapeutics (including medicine-making). (Most talks given by a herbalist or naturopathic doctor at a seminars/conventions would qualify).

Workshop fees will tend to vary based on subject, time, locale and presenters. (MWSHS' own weekend workshops, which grants 10-11 hours of credit, are typically charged at $200-$300.) Note that these costs are not figured into the $1220.00 price for the M.H. modules as listed above.

This is not a master's level degree. In the phrase "Master-Herbalist", the word "master" modifies "herbalist", as in "master gardener". Receipt of this diploma is no guarantee that you will be qualified to counsel persons in the use of herbal therapies.

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